The Disappointed Bridegroom

On This Day – 17 January 1818

“The following curious development forms a topic of general conversation in the town of Frome. It appears that some years since a weaver of that place had a female apprentice bound to him, from a neighbouring parish – she served her prescribed time with credit and fidelity, and has since conducted herself with great propriety. Being arrived at a marriageable age, and possessing an agreeable person, she naturally enough engaged the affections of a young man of that place – the whole happy course of wooing had gone through in the usual manner – the fair weaver sympathetically returning glance for glance, vow for vow, and sigh for sigh – when oh! dire mishap – some doubts were excited respecting the sex of the amiable bride elect – a convocation of grave matrons was held—and after a mature investigation, they decided—that she was a MAN!”

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