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Ten years ago on the 13th March 2007 Project Gutenberg released one of their free ebooks:

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The book had first been written in 1847 by John Hicklin who was known for writing local history books about Chester and Llandudno. Not much is known about John but there is a short obituary in the Wrexham Guardian January 20, 1877:

“The Courant announces the death of Mr John Hicklin, which occurred at Torquay, on Saturday last. The deceased was in early life the proprietor and editor of the Nottingham Journal, one of the oldest newspapers in that county, and in which high Tory principles were advocated with fervour and eloquence. He afterwards became editor of the Chester Courant, a position which he held for many years, and subsequently editor of the Notts. Guardian, and the Carlisle Patriot. After assisting in an unavailing attempt to establish at Plymouth a daily Conservative journal for Devon and Cornwall, he settled at Torquay, where he became the organizing secretary of the Devonshire Church Defence Institution. Mr Hicklin was an earnest and devoted Churchman, and an eloquent and energetic advocate of Church principles on the platform. He was author of an admirable compilation of historic facts, ancient and modern, entitled, “Church and State,” “Leisure Hours,” “Guide to Chester and North Wales,” and other works. His geniality of disposition and urbanity of manners endeared him to a large circle of friends.”

The “Ladies of Llangollen” is dedicated to “Miss Lolly and Miss Andrews” who bought Plas Newydd, the Ladies house, after their demise. Two maiden women who were said to “emulate the Ladies.”

The free Project Gutenberg ebook, in a variety of formats, can be downloaded at:

The “Ladies of Llangollen” by John Hicklin

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