About me

Most of my adult career has been about history. I started off as an archaeologist but when it all got a bit too dusty, wet and cold I moved inside. I’ve worked or volunteered for a variety of venerable organisations such as the British Museum, the Museum of London, National Museums Scotland and others.

Before long it was only natural I should get interested in LGBT history and have been researching and recording that history for over ten years. In 2012 I applied for a Heritage Lottery Fund to host the first LGBT exhibition in Wales. We had a launch at the Senedd and it was a great success. John Davies, the celebrated Welsh historian, gave his first speech on gay history. I also asked the National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke, if she would write a poem commemorating the event. The reason for asking was that no National Poet, or Poet Laureate, of any country in the world had written a poem celebrating the LGBT people of their country. Gillian kindly agreed and taking as her inspiration the Ladies of Llangollen she wrote Sarah at Plas Newydd, July 5th 1788.

Since then I continue to specialise in the LGBT history of Wales and give talks throughout the year. The aim is to raise awareness of the enormous impact people from Wales have made, not just on British LGBT history, but on international history. All this will culminate in my forthcoming book Forbidden Lives, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and events from Wales to be published by Seren Books in September 2017.

Anyway, hope you like the posts.