Welcome to Rainbow Dragon – LGBT and Welsh history

Over many years I have been researching and recording a history of LGBT people. I have worked on projects such as LAGNA – The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive, the Museum of London Re-assessing What We Collect and an oral history on women with HIV/AIDS at Positively Women in association with the British Library.

I returned home to Wales and in 2010 secured a HLF grant to run Welsh Pride – the first exhibition of Welsh LGBT people and allies. To commemorate this I asked the then National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke, to write a poem which she kindly did and which features that most famous of Welsh gay couples the Ladies of Llangollen. Entitled Sarah at Plas Newydd, July 5th 1788 it is the first poem in the world where a national poet has celebrated LGBT people.

Now I work as a consultant historian providing talks and workshops throughout Wales. I have also written the first book which exclusively celebrates Welsh LGBT people entitled:

Forbidden Lives: LGBT Histories from Wales to be published by Seren Books on 3rd October 2017.

As I researched the book and picked my way through myriad newspaper articles, archives and extracts from books I came across a lot of material which has never been published and which didn’t fit into the  book. So I thought the best way to share this would be to set up this site and bring that information into the public domain.

I also came across unpublished information about Wales in general and so have included that under the ‘Wales’ category.

Hope you enjoy the stories.


From June-September 2017 there is an exhibition curated by Draig Enfys at Cardiff Story Museum.

Entitled Celebrating LGBT Cardiff it illustrates historical people and events as well as individuals and organisations who currently work towards raising LGBT visibility.